Wednesday, April 15, 2020

You Don't Have to Make Lemonade

When we were not looking, the whole world slipped on a new mantle, cloaking our once-familiar days with an alternate reality.  For those fortunate enough to still be employed, weeks have merged into a blur of working while social distancing.

We’ve endured a continuous loop of zoom, swipe and disinfectant; news updates, no hugging, uncertainty; nights merging into days into twilights into nights again.

Unsplash Photographer Jon Tyson

How are we doing, really? And how is our sanity measured -- by how we stay connected, how much Vitamin D we’re getting, how many projects we’re finally getting to?

Maybe we should pump the brakes. 

Not every expanse of time needs to be optimized. 
Not every waking moment needs to be a gorge-fest of accomplishments.

There’s no need to make lemonade out of this.

Unsplash Photographer Heather Gill

Dial it back.

Give yourself a free pass.


Anchor yourself.

Sure: pursue the industry of the day, but when it’s time to log off, try not to swim extra laps.
See if you can sit quietly instead. The extra projects can wait; you need a Sacred Pause.

Unsplash Photographer John-Mark Smith

When you do move, move strategically. Plan for breaks. Walks. Breathing. Eating. If you’re particularly blessed, lean into the laughter of loved ones who share your sequestered space.

Unsplash photographer Mi Pham

Find a patch of sunlight and sit inside its nurturing warmth.

When there is desolation, allow yourself to sit in that shadow, too. Experience the heaviness.

There’s no need to squeeze something out of this weirdness and make an elixir of happiness.

You can sit with the discord, the mess, the complete lack of normalcy that currently defines our days.

It must be alright to experience your own emotions because they give you empathy for others, insight into heartbreak and hope for a better day.

On the other side of this, we’ll be plunking down a quarter for a Styrofoam cup of watery lemonade at the corner of Time-Served and Emancipation.

And it will taste so good.

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  1. I love this burst of optimism. It helps! :)

  2. I would add at the first of allowing ourselves to experience our emotions that we need to allow them to define us to a large extent. Since I have grown old in Covid-19, I feel I have not only lost my youth and passions, but am also lying in wait of disappointing death. If lemonaid is made it will be made by miracles.