Monday, April 6, 2020

If Kids Carried Business Cards

What if kids carried business cards? I mean, can't you just see it? 

Cards speckled with smudges of fingerprints, bits of Play-Doh and yesterday's lunch. 

Cards that announce the child's field of expertise:

Sand Castle Architect

Giggle Coach

Butterfly Whisperer

Snuggle Consultant

Snot Excavator

Guru in the Science of WHY


Play-Doh Therapist

Ice Cream Curator

Band-Aid Enthusiast

Cookie Negotiator

Truth Stretcher

Mud Pie Maker

Tooth Fairy Supply Agent

In their circles of influence these tiny entrepreneurs would pass out crayons and juice, wildly cheer for the one who swings the highest and give honest opinions about what's on the menu.

Pie charts would be drawn in the sand. After that, mud pies would be made.

Organization would be tossed to the wind in favor of creative free play.

Superheroes would be the peers who take the garbage out, feed the dog and remember to flush.

Kids really do have a handle on the essentials. 

We should let them lead a workshop -- it might be titled, "Basic Life Skills".

Sign me up, I'm dusting off my pogo stick for the commute.

Has anybody seen my Krazy Straw?

Photo Credit by Unsplash Photographer Kristin Brown

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  1. This is a movie worthy idea, Kathy Joy! You brighten my day so much! Where in the world did you think this up?!