Sunday, July 19, 2020

Ordinary Today

Everyone’s talking about the “New Normal”.

It’s important, though, to remember the former elements of “normal” are still with us, if we will only take a minute to notice.

There’s a quote that’s traveled with me for a long time. It’s on my fridge:

Normal Day,
Do not let me pass you by in search of some Rare and Perfect Tomorrow.”
>Mary Jean Iron

This power-packed memento has been a mainstay through all of life’s seasons. With every move, every new fridge, this little saying is a visual reminder of the splendor in ordinary moments.

The little moments are ever-present while we sigh and long for:

Brighter tomorrows, 
better sleep, 
happier children, 
perfectly manicured lawns, 
stronger connections, 
brighter lighting, 
exotic destinations,  
flawless skin, 
shinier memories…

Here’s the thing. When we are off chasing after a happier reality, the one we’re IN is quietly passing us by.

I’m not asking you to embrace The Summer of Covid, but I am suggesting you uncover the good stuff inside this odd interval.

Your “normal” will look different than mine.

Here’s mine:

The texture of my kiddo’s voice on the phone; it doesn’t matter what we’re talking about – the sound of her voice is life-affirming.

The smell of towels that have been line-dried in fresh air and sunshine.

Summer kids riding by my window on their bikes and skate boards.

Dandelions gone to seed.

Old Glory rippling in the breeze.

That first sip of coffee, waking to sunlight, the hypnotic hum of a lawnmower, a real letter in the mail, curbside pickup, silence, my music 
jam, fireflies.

The whisper of dusk

Not everything is a joy-bringer; some things are a slog through scary passages.

But still – not everything is skewed into some narrow margin of “the New Normal”.

We can always count on the ordinary things to fill our hearts.

And those will sustain us.

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