Friday, July 19, 2019

A Rogue Breeze on a Hot Day

Sometimes joy is a planned-for event, a circle on the calendar; a much anticipated dinner out at the end of a long week.

And, sometimes, joy is a rogue breeze on the hottest summer day – a blast of cool air arriving to tousle your hair, jostle your bearings and make you laugh.

Today I enjoyed both kinds of joy, and it was doubly life-giving.

Meeting my good friend at a restaurant I'd never tried before, was the planned event. We lingered over delicious food, lively conversation and a wonderful server.

What happened when the tab arrived, was the second wave of joy: my friend picked up the receipt and said, “I'll pay. I've got this.”

My first impulse, of course, was to argue the point, to own my share of the bill – to claim what seemed equitable and fair.

But there are moments when “equitable” and “fair” get swallowed up in the large, jubilant space where Generosity waltzes in.

This, I quickly realized, was her moment to bless me with abundance.

To shut that down would have been to throw a damper on her spontaneous act of grace.

My reward was her vibrant smile and her heartfelt comment, “Thank you for letting me do this!”

As thankful as I was, I believe her joy was ten times greater. The dining room felt like it had expanded to allow for more abundance, more laughter, more pure delight.

We walked out into the evening on wings of hospitality, giddy with anticipation for the ice cream stand just down the road a bit.

A fitting dessert.

And she let me treat.

Sometimes it's not about the checkbook or the equal divvying out of responsibility. Sometimes it's about flinging out kindness into an unsuspecting world.

I can hardly wait to pay it forward.
Photo by Limor Zellermayer, Unsplash Photographers

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