Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hidden Confetti

Sometimes you just need a bit of sparkly stuff to lift the spirits. For instance, there was this dreary Spring day and I was kicking around in Youngsville, running errands. My mind was on autopilot as I ran hither and yon, gathering necessary things for the family household and that night's supper. As I splashed into a watercolor world of puddles and raindrops, something caught my eye. Leaning down for a closer look, I was rewarded with a tiny metallic rocking horse. It was pink and gleaming and irresistible; a speck of color on a gray canvas.
At that time I had a volunteer radio show on WTMV-Youngsville, a studio operated out of a refurbished livingroom on East Main. I remember telling my listeners about the confetti piece and comparing it to unseen treasures all around us -- secrets shimmering just below the surface "stuff" of living. It may take a little effort, but it's worth a closer look. Your "confetti" surprise might be very different from mine -- it may be the warm company of a rich memory, or maybe the trusting hand of a child's in yours. Your spark of hope, your confetti, may be a smile across a room, a promise in the Bible, a sea salt breeze, a letter in the mail. Whatever it may be, take time today to notice. Be aware of wonder. Lean down, take a moment, and linger in that discovery. Before too long, you'll be carrying around a generous shower of confetti to sprinkle on someone else who needs a lift.
A rainy day, a radio studio, the smell of wet dog (the station manager's great dane, resting his giant solemn head on my knee)...these memories are keen in my heart, punctuated with an odd bit of hidden confetti.

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